What's Covered in Level 1 Online

Perfect for: coaches, trainers, athletes, & practitioners.

  • A New Lens

    If you're training the body without training the nervous system, you're missing the most important component. RPR® will change the way you view the body, it will explain almost every non-contact injury you've ever seen or had.

  • The RPR® System

    RPR® uses a simple system of self-applied breath and bodywork to create meaningful change. Our Wake Up Drills™ give you the control to regulate your nervous system and reconnect your body and mind.

  • How To Implement It

    A system is only as good as your ability to use it. After this course, you'll know how to use RPR® to get results with your clients and athletes all while improving mobility, stress management, and focus.

You're in THE BEST company

The Best Online Course I've Ever Taken

Brad Fortney - Track Coach & High School Teacher

Of the 18 online courses I've taken across my undergrad, graduate school, and professional development, this is the best I've ever taken. You guys turned over every stone and gave a personal feel to it from every speaker. People will be excited to be a part of the RPR community!

Wow, great program!

Stephen Ladd - Owner @ Human Form Fitness, Columbus, OH

Wow, great program! Solid information delivered with high quality video. I did feel like I was there live (at least as much as one can from video). Absolutely worth more than $300!!!

An Absolute Game-Changer!

Scott Ensell - Head Athletic Trainer, NC State Baseball

RPR Level 1 Online was an absolute game-changer for me personally AND the athletes I work with. I've been instructing breathing and had a basic understanding of the power of the nervous system in movement patterns and compensation. However, RPR brought all of this together better than anything else I've seen, packaged with the 1-2-3 lens and MOST IMPORTANTLY, created this system that allows our athletes to implement these concepts on themselves. The impact of the wake-up drills is undeniable. The testing and implementation recommendations in this course worked EXACTLY as described. Once the athletes saw and felt the impact of the wake-up drills, it took very little convincing to get total buy-in. Within 1 week, my athletes were reporting multiple PRs in the weight room and feeling 'more explosive' on the field."

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Join over 140 NCAA Division One programs as well as top Professional, High School, Private, and Tactical Programs who have empowered their athletes to optimize their nervous system to perform their best.

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